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Blade Material: Steel aeb-l 3 mm, 60 HRC hardened

Coating / finish of the blade: Satin

Handle Material: Micarta Natural Jute, Mosaic Pins

Weight: 178 g

Overall length: 320 mm

Blade length: 200 mm

I come from the small Town in Podkarpacie. Currently I’m learning at a technical secondary school in a major: Mechanic Technician, Machining.


For as long as I can remember I have been interested in knives. Since I was a child, I had a humble collection of penknives.

With time it all grew, and grew, until one day, when I  was about 14, after watching many videos on the Internet in the subject of knife-making, I stumbled upon an idea of making my own knife. As failures often occur at the beginning of each path, I made a mistake while heat treating and the knife cracked. After that came another tries, and my obstinacy made it so I finally managed to make a knife on a sufficient level. With time I made more, developed my workshop, gained knowledge.


At present I am conducting a small company, which produces knives and things connected with that area. It is not easy, but working through evenings and weekends lets me make a few knives a month.